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With its roots in ancient China, White Tiger Qigong is a system of knowledge and practical exercises that harmonise the body, breath and mind. Qi (vital energy) Gong (cultivation) is rich in over 5000 years of human evolution and its one of the 4 modalities of Chinese Medicine alongside acupuncture, Chinese herbs and medical massage.
During our comprehensive classes and programs, you will learn practical healing movements, knowledge and breathing techniques to help stop overthinking, let go of worry and calm your nervous system. Our classes are perfectly suited to complete beginners and to those who have practiced before.



Meet your teacher

Adam Wiltshire is the Founder of the Australian School of Energetics and a certified White Tiger Qigong Instructor


Originally from England, Adam first discovered Tai Chi and Qigong when he was just 13 in the UK. Since then he has relocated to Australia in 2013 and began training in Sydney. At the time, Adam was battling a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (type 2) and Anxiety and had been told he would be on medication for the rest of his life. He also struggled with being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and was seeking ways to manage being highly empathic and sensitive in a fast paced city life.
Feeling horrible, drained and depleted from the Medication, he was determined to find a natural way to manage his mental health and went in search of holistic and natural solutions along his path of recovery and to feeling better.
Adam trained extensively in Qigong, Reiki healing and Meditation and began to see the power of these modalities and a light at the end of his tunnel. After 4 years of disciplined personal practice, study and therapy, he overcame his medication and has now been medication free for 3 years with no relapse. He is loving life, feeling purposeful and empowered to help others achieve the same.
Adam has now made it his mission to popularise Qigong and make it accessible and available to people from all walks of life. He educates people on the the benefits of mindfulness, eastern medicine and personal wellbeing. Adam specialises in helping groups, individuals and leaders to manage their high sensitivity and support their mental health through empowering programs, workshops and retreats.


Qigong – A word on why 

“It is estimated that untreated mental health conditions cost Australian workplaces $10.9 billion per year”
The Harvard Business Review
35% of Australians report having a significant level of distress in their lives.
26% of Australians report above normal levels of anxiety symptoms
26% of Australians report having moderate to extremely severe levels of depression symptoms.
We are living in a time when our busy western lifestyles are causing an epidemic level of stress, worry and anxiety in our society that is often left silent and unacknowledged. Whilst advancements are being made, there is still a huge number of people that suffer from stress, anxiety and depression who experience daily pains of worrying all the time, being burnt out from stress and feeling overwhelmed.
The Australian School of Energetics, led by Adam Wiltshire, is an innovative social enterprise that is tackling this epidemic level of stress, anxiety and mental health challenges through hosting empowering workshop experiences that help people take back control, heal their pain and feel better.


What makes this Qigong unique?

With over 3000 different styles of Qigong currently on record, its important to know what makes White Tiger Qigong different. Rooted in the ancient science of Classical Chinese Medicine, White Tiger is a system of Taoist Medical Qigong exercises that harmonise the body, breathe and mind.
It’s specialty is deep dynamic Qigong which wrings out toxins and emotions out of the organs like sponge and wrings out blockages and emotions out of the meridians like a towel.


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