The demand for Reiki is growing like never before among the general public, but knowing when your body needs it isn’t always as clear. 

When Reiki is accessed, either through self-practice or during a 1-1 session with a qualified practitioner, the benefits are often fast, defined and immediate. To begin discovering when you need Reiki, start by cultivating self awareness, getting to know your body and learning how to read your energy levels. These are all ways you can begin to measure when you might need a good old top up of Reiki to your system. 

Here are some examples of situations when Reiki can help you:

  • Those recurring situations in life that make you feel drained, tired and depleted
  • After those long & drawn out trainings, meetings and appointments that just emotionally exhaust you 
  • When your day to day becomes work, eat, sleep, repeat; causing you to burn out and have little time to yourself
  • Regular interactions with people that just seem to suck the lifeforce out of you 
  • When feelings of lethargy, laziness and fatigue seem to run the show 

Do any of these sound familiar?

For many of us, these times will be when you feel the itch to reach for that next cup of coffee, cigarette or tim tam… we’ve all been there. But there is another way. 

In these moments, we all have the potential to shift our energetic state in a fast, effective and natural way. This is the true power behind Reiki practice, using energy healing to quickly alter the state of your whole being through balancing the body and stimulating its self healing abilities. It really is a powerful way to take back control and to propel you towards your true potential in life. Where your intention goes, Reiki flows.

When used in this way, Reiki becomes so much more than just spiritual healing. It is a tool for next generation living.