A guide for the beginner

When considering to complete your Reiki 1 training it can be difficult to know for sure if it is for you and if you are ready for this important step in your spiritual journey. By now, you might have had a couple of reiki treatments for yourself and have some experience with meditation but still not completely sure. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If this resonates with where you may be at, i have put together this blog post to help guide you with your reiki decision.  

It is very common to have some confusion and uncertainty when exploring a new spiritual group and practice. Thoughts can often include:

  • Is this group/tradition really just another cult?
  • Am i suddenly becoming religious/spiritual in doing this?
  • Will others think of me differently if i practice reiki?
  • Is this teacher qualified to help me grow and develop?
  • Do i have to tell people about my new spiritual practice?
  • Can i opt out if i try it and discover its not for me?

Firstly, you are not signing up to a religion or cult. Reiki is practiced by people from all religions and many spiritual groups around the world. It was developed by a Buddhist monk in Japan in the early 1800’s in a way to make it accessible to every human being as a healing therapy and spiritual education tradition.

It is important to note that by completing reiki training you are not becoming a buddhist or worshipping any type of god. It will simply connect you to the energy of unconditional love that you can choose to access for the rest of your life.

After completing your reiki training, you will have the skillset to apply natural healing to yourself anytime and anywhere. You can choose to continue using the healing for yourself, develop yourself into higher levels of reiki or you can simply walk away. You are not signing up for a long term commitment to the Reiki tradition in any way.

Once you complete your reiki training, you can share your new reiki practice with as few or many people as you like. Spirituality can be a very personal part of a person’s life and some people choose to keep it sacred for themselves. There is no expectation for you to tell others about it. Many people experience huge periods of personal growth and transformation from reiki and may choose to progress to practitioner level so that they can share it and use it to help more people.

Lastly, reiki can only be taught by Reiki Master Teacher’s who have progressed to the highest degree of Reiki and undertaken extensive training so that they meet the required standards to teach. Each Reiki course is certified so that this is recorded and you can track the full lineage of your teacher going right back to the founder. It is worth looking around to find a teacher whose approach and style most resonates with you.

Having read this article, if you feel the way i approach and describe reiki 1 resonates with you, contact me to find out more about getting started with your Reiki 1 and to ask any remaining questions you may have.

This article was written by Reiki Master Adam Wiltshire, the Founder of the Australian School of Energetics. Contact me to find out more about taking the next step with your reiki journey.