These Qigong Classes have surpassed my expectations

I feel wonderful during and after every class so far. Coming from a martial arts background, i really appreciate the attention to detail around the movements and the emphasis on performing them correctly in order to receive their benefits. 

At the same time, Adam provides very clear instruction and breaks down the movements so that everyone could follow and experience the healing benefits from it. 

The small group size has helped as well as you get to see the same six people across the 10 weeks and go along the journey with them and it also allows Adam to give us personal attention and tips on adjusting the movements.  

Simone Sandoval

Qi-Gong has opened up a new skill to my arsenal in the field of meditation with mindfulness, patience, peace, grace and fluid flow.

It regenerates your energy that is tied in a knot into a clear smooth straight strand of string. It clears your energetic field of discordant aura and energy while transmuting it into light energy while aligning you simultaneously.

I have came into a class feeling anguish, frustration and unease in my energy field as my alignment felt off. After practicing with Adam I felt the emotions cascade off me like rain so effortlessly and easy. Leaving me with peace, peace of mind and calmness. It is a gracious practice with so much benefit, I highly recommend it for anyone seeking, peace and clarity, to cleanse and clean your energy and aura or to just immerse yourself in the moment in that moment of time to find peace.

Adam has a beautiful way of teaching and the class wouldn’t be the same without him. His calm gentle nature gives you comfort to learn and establish the foundations and basics with no agitation as you know your in a safe loving space. His joyful and playful way of teaching makes for fun and lots of laughing which you can never have enough of.

5 stars, love this practice and the offering Adam shares with me and everyone else.

Tom Galloway 

I’ve practiced Qigong with Adam for a couple of years now. It’s been a revelation.

Qigong encompasses mind, body and spirit. It improves flexibility and is great for beginners and those with injuries. When I first physically felt the qi (energy) moving through my body it blew me away. It has made me more mindful and aware of my health in all aspects of my life. Classes are always interesting and the hour flies by too quickly. The class environment is supportive and safe. Highly recommended for anyone with any fitness level who wants to make a positive change in their life.

Sam Nicholson 

Adam is a great instructor

He is very kind, professional, patient and provides a dynamic and energetic lessons, definitely I recommend his Qigong lessons, are totally worth it!!

Julio Ruiz 

Healing is a process. Qigong sessions with Adam is a milestone in my healing process.

I strongly recommend Qigong sessions with Adam:
-if you desire to heal something in you, in a physical level and/or emotional level and/or spiritual level (independent of your believe system, you may be a believer of anything or not)
-if you are tired of being in a hunting field and desire to in peace
-if you feel suddenly sad, negative, melancolic and you do not know or understand exactly why
-if you feel angry to anything; life, yourself and/or others,
-if you want to change things in your life and in you.
I thank to Adam for all, particularly his careful work. I am grateful to meet with him.

Dr Ilknur Tulunay 

Adam is a nurturing and naturally gifted teacher, facilitator and space holder for the healing modality of Qi Gong

It is a personal embodiment practice for reverence , gentle care, healing, nurturing, respect , appreciation and kind acceptance of our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Qi Gong for me has greatly improved my breath capacity : both my In and out breath , my flexibly , fluidity , my physical health , vitality and energy level and so very gently has quieted my busy busy mind & thoughts …. therefore strengthening my capacity and ability to be more resilient , calm , steadfast , less reactive or anxious

Thank you Adam, I truly appreciate your sharing of the practice of Qi Gong and for all of your unique gifts you bring to our world

Anna Scaturro 

I want to thank you very much

for your wonderful, refreshingly professional and caring Qigong teaching. Your very clear leading and explanation of the moves and breathing was very much appreciated and enabled me to learn a great deal in just this short time. Your calm and ego-less approach also left me feeling amazingly relaxed.

Helen Grasswill

I have been attending Adam’s Qi Gong classes for 4 months now, and in this time I have experienced deep healing.

I feel my life force strengthening. I am increasingly grounded and peaceful in my daily life. Time has slowed, and space has stretched open. I feel clear, present and energised.

Adam’s teaching style is empowering and informative. His classes have been life changing; I am forever grateful for the gift of Qi Gong. I recommend his classes to my friends and family.

Sophie Wild