Do you find that something always seems to get in the way of taking time out to de-stress, completely reset and to reboot your energy levels?

Making the time to let go of stress, to calm racing thoughts and to start feeling better is often not on a busy working professional’s priority list.

At first glance, it can all seem like a lot of effort, that it will waste valuable time and that it’s just not that urgent.

Yet, it is often when we feel overwhelmed with busy schedules, racing thoughts and feeling burnt out that we need to look after our wellbeing the most.

But taking care of your wellbeing doesn’t have to take the form of learning a strenuous yoga routine or complex meditation techniques.

At our stress less now Qigong classes, you will learn simple but powerful movement meditations and ancient Qigong exercises that are easy to pick up and can help you feel better immediately.

For myself and many of my students, cultivating a daily wellbeing routine such as Qigong practice is just as important as brushing your teeth. Plucking out the weeds of worry and stress and lighting yourself up from the inside out with positive energy.

And the great news is, you will start to feel a difference straight away after just one session – without sitting on a meditation cushion for 10 days solid.

And the best part – you don’t have to go it alone! When we practice Qigong in a class, we create a stronger group energy, raising good vibes all round!

Making the time to attend a regular qigong class can be a simple yet powerful way to start looking after your wellbeing and merge it into your routine.

The best time to do your Qigong practice is right at the start of your day. That way it won’t be delayed or pushed back and you’ll feel the immediate benefits of feeling calmer, less stressed and being more focused for the day ahead.

Join us this in the studio THIS FRIDAY MORNING at 7:30am for a revitalising Qigong taster session!

The class is located at the RedoHealth studio in Balmain and has just 6 spots left!

This stress less now Qigong class is FREE for you to attend (valued at $35)

Book in here to reserve your spot now!

Come and join our tribe and start your day the Qigong way

Hope to see you in the studio!