Stop feeling drained by the energy of other people

Calm racing thoughts and feel improved clarity of mind

Dissolve feelings of overwhelm and find instant stress relief

Become more happier and feel more self-confident

Learning Reiki practice can help you achieve all this and so much more…

Learn cutting edge traditional Reiki training with Adam Wiltshire and his Australian School of 


Your decision to study Reiki could be one of the most important in your life.

The ancient system of knowledge, techniques and wisdom has been passed down for centuries and has helped millions of people around the world.

If you put what you learn here into practice, it can offer you the opportunity of a lifetime and to become more self confident, healthier & happier.





Understanding Reiki…

Simply described – Reiki is an ancient Japanese natural healing modality that uses the laying on of hands to balance the body and to stimulate it’s self healing abilities.




It calms the nervous system and restores the body to homeostasis, leaving you with a deep feeling of calm, less stress and peace of mind.

Reiki can be sought as a holistic therapy treatment where it is provided from a qualified practitioner to a client as a remedy for stress reduction and it can also be learnt for use on yourself  whereby you become proficient in conducting a Reiki self-practice, similar in some ways to a meditation.




The Australian School of Energetics proudly offers fully comprehensive training in both Reiki level 1 (self practice) and Reiki Level 2 (practitioner training) both in group classes and 1-1 through our Reiki Personal Training Program.

Our classes are taught in the western Japanese style of Reiki in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage that stems from the founder of Reiki, Dr Mikao Usui.

What makes our approach to teaching unique is the combination of detail orientated lectures & course materials, clear instruction, a non ‘new-agey’ delivery of the course and plenty of opportunities for Q&A, feedback and discussions.

You will find all you need here to support you in your learning and study.





How will learning Reiki help me as an empath and sensitive person?



Upon completion of your Reiki training with us, and when you start to put your new skills into regular practice, you may start to experience the following changes in your life:

* Feeling more able to cope with life’s daily stresses and knowing when you need to take time out to feel better
* Being able to reset your energy levels in the moments when you feel drained and emotionally exhausted
* Becoming more grounded in your body and feeling less spacey, swirly and caught up in unhelpful thoughts
* Feeling less worry and anxiousness and feeling more self confident to get through the day
* Unlocking more creativity, finding more clarity in your mind and experiencing life more fully in the present moment



The next steps…

If this speaks to you and you feel drawn to Learn Reiki with us, the next step is to enrol and book in for a course.

If you are a complete beginner and are new to Reiki, the beginner level course is Reiki Level 1. It is taught during a 1 day course and can be learnt either in a group, suitable if you want to meet likeminded community, or it can be learnt 1-1, if you value prefer to study in a private class.

Our Reiki Level 1 courses are offered quarterly throughout the year and our 1-1 personal training courses can be booked by appointment for a time that suits you.

Our Reiki 1 course is also suitable for people who have trained in reiki before, sometimes many years ago, with a different teacher and who are wanting to get back into it and refresh their skills.

Book your course through the options below: