Discover a whole new level of relaxation with Reiki

Reiki Treatments  

During a Reiki session with Adam, you will ease into a deeply calm and blissful state never experienced before. After just one session you can feel immediate benefits of being refreshed, clear minded and revitalised.

In this personalised healing session, you will experience the ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki, a hands on natural healing modality that balances your body and stimulates its self healing abilities.

Adam will work with you to identify physical, emotional and spiritual concerns affecting you in your life and use his specialist skills as a certified Reiki Master to help you feel relief and let go of tension.

“ I’ve had two reiki sessions with Adam so far and I’ve truly been blown away by the power of Adam’s work. His presence is humble, wise and calm in nature. Very rarely do I book a follow up appointment for anything in the self development area right after the session but in this case, it isn’t even a question. In this short time of working with Adam, I am already experiencing profound shifts in my life. If you are looking to connect more deeply with yourself and your world for greater meaning, fulfilment and clarity, then I highly recommend Adam as a practitioner.” Kevin Adams 

Reiki is for you, if:

  • You are looking for a natural way to feel less stress and anxiety in your life
  • You desire to feel more calm, relaxed and peaceful and keep it up
  • You experience painful emotional energy you would like to release
  • You wish to enhance your concentration, memory and mental clarity
  • You suffer from physical pain, tension and fatigue that you want to relieve
  • You seek tools for spiritual development and personal transformation

“Reiki sessions with Adam are different to most. His ability to see, feel, interpret and align the energy flow in the body is remarkable. His deep understanding of the human psyche (gained through his own extensive inner work), helps you understand and navigate the emotional blocks that are getting in your way of living an expansive and fulfilling life. He is someone I know I can deeply trust – which to me is essential when engaging in this level of work. Expect big shifts both during and after sessions.” Ali Sanders 

Reiki Level 1

The foundation and beginner course for everyone starting their Reiki journey.

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Reiki Level 2 - Practitioner Level

Advanced and practitioner level of Reiki training.

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Reiki Level 3 - Master Practitioner

Master Practitioner, a sacred responsibility.

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