Reiki Level 2 – What are the prerequisites?

  • Completion in full of Reiki 1 training with certification

  • Initiation to 3 attunements of Usui Reiki level 1 (physical, emotional, spiritual)

  • Completion of 100 self healing treatments

  • Reatunements are available on request

Why should I do this course?

This is the advanced and practitioner level of Reiki training. It is the degree where you learn how to administer Reiki treatments to other people. Graduates of Reiki 2 become certified to start their own reiki practice and earn income through Reiki. Alternatively, they may prefer to remain a self-practitioner and become able to give treatments to friends and family.

How is it different to Reiki 1?

In Reiki 2 you receive attunements to deliver emotional cleansing and distant healing to your clients. You become an ambassador for Reiki in your local community and undertake the responsibility of ethical practice in serving your clients. The course is undertaken over 2 days and marks a significant milestone in your spiritual progression.

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