Personal mentoring, coaching and treatments

Full list of 1-1 energetic support, mentoring and treatment sessions:  

* Traditional Reiki  sessions to completely rebalance your whole system leaving you feeling happier, lighter and deeply relaxed. 

* Shamanic energetic cord cutting to free yourself from draining and toxic relationship ties. Reclaim control, let go of obligations and feel whole again. 

* Chakra clearing sessions to get unstuck, empower your creativity and to release any inner baggage and weight you’ve been carrying. 

* Clairvoyant channeling from your spiritual team to receive immediate guidance and insight in the areas where you need it most

Sessions can be given in person at Adam’s clinic in Glebe, Sydney or online via zoom if you live overseas or interstate

Schedule a complimentary connect call with Adam to inquire about his range of services and to book sessions.