Introduction to Reiki Course (Level 1) 

Learn the healing art of Reiki and become a certified healer. In this course you will become skilled & confident in giving Reiki and develop your own self-practice. Use Reiki on-demand, anywhere and anytime. 

“Adam is a highly practised and aware reiki master practitioner with deep knowledge & precision in his administration & transmission of Reiki. I felt trust and sensitivity in his presence. Highly recommended.” Niki Kala Aloha

By the end of this course you will be proficient in giving Reiki to yourself and able to deeply relax on a daily basis. 

There are many different variations of Reiki that have emerged over years including Angelic Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki, Egyptian Reiki and more. The style that Adam and the Australian School of Energetics teaches is Usui Shiki Ryoho (the original and traditional reiki) and Tibetan style of Reiki.The reason Adam teaches this style of Reiki is because it had such a profound impact on his life in healing from chronic anxiety and also had a hugely positive effect on the lives of his students. 

This course will equip you will all you need to get started practicing Reiki on yourself straight away. You will receive a depth of knowledge to support and develop your Reiki practice at your own pace. No prior experience with Reiki or energy work is necessary and Adam will meet you where you are currently at in your journey. 

Course Syllabus 

  • Defining Reiki 
  • History and origins of Reiki 
  • How does Reiki work
  • The Reiki Attunement initiations
  • Becoming a Reiki healer  
  • How is it different to other forms of energy healing 
  • When to use Reiki 
  • Reiki as a spiritual tradition 
  • The human subtle energy system 
  • Understanding the chakras 
  • Diagnosing chakra blockages and imbalances 
  • How to give a Reiki treatment to yourself 
  • How to give Reiki to someone else 

There are three ways you can study with Adam and the Australian School of Energetics. The first is by attending one of his group 1 day Reiki 1 trainings in Sydney. Alternatively, you can book in as a group of colleagues or friends for a group 1 day workshop. For those with busy schedules who are looking for a more convenient and intimate learning experience, you can study with Adam in a private 1-1 training in his Reiki room. 

The Results 

Reiki practice has had a huge effect on Adam’s life which inspired him to devote his life to teaching it. In that time, he has seen many students lives improved for the better as you can see on the testimonials page. Reiki will help anyone with the desire to feel better, be more relaxed and to keep it up.

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