Experience a clear mind, quiet thoughts and inner stillness

Chakra Meditation 

During a Chakra Meditation (CM), dive deep into your subtle energy system and learn how to empower your chakras; the gateways to inner wisdom, self awareness and peace of mind. Be held and guided by Adam as you enter into positive mental states of peace and harmony. 

Chakra Meditation is simple and easy to learn and uses a combination of visualisation, breath and colour to stimulate major energy centres (chakras) in your body to help you deeply relax, let go of tension and tame the monkey mind.

CM is simple to learn and is accessible to everyone. If you are new to meditation, it is easy to learn and practice by yourself. If you already meditate, it can deepen the quality of your experience. 

There are three ways you can study with Adam and the Australian School of Energetics. The first is by attending one of his group meditation workshops in Sydney. Alternatively, you can book in as a group of colleagues or friends for a group workshop and lesson. For those with busy schedules who are looking for a more convenient and intimate learning experience, you can study with Adam in a private 1-1 training in his Reiki room. 

“I have been blessed to have been able to experience reiki, tai chi and meditation circles led by Adam. Adam is an amazing teacher. He is easy going and makes you feel comfortable immediately. He is very experienced and well researched and helps you to understand where you are at and how you can develop yourself further. Adam is a true healer that I look forward to continuing to work with him” Monica Graham