Are you easily overwhelmed by loud noises, large crowds and by bright lights?

Do you struggle with being affected by other peoples moods and often feel emotionally exhausted?

Have you often been told that you always take things too personally, that you are ‘overly sensitive’ or ‘too much’?

Are you rattled when put under pressure or when you have lots to do in a short amount of time?

Do you often feel misunderstood by others as you shy away from social events to recharge?

If so, my friend, there is a high chance that you’re what is known as a Highly Sensitive Person or an Empath!

But don’t worry – your are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.


The Mastering Your Sensitivity training is designed specifically to work with you, as a highly sensitive person, to:


  • Discover ways to ease the stress and overwhelm of daily life

  • Gain increased emotional control and self-regulation of painful feelings

  • Find clarity on how to set boundaries, express your loving ‘no’, and ask for what you really want

  • Awaken your sensitive gifts, activate your intuition and boost your energy levels

  • Reach your true potential as an empath & sensitive and create your dream life


Clinical research by psychologist Dr Elaine Aaron has found that 15-20% of the population are considered a Highly Sensitive Person – or HSP for short. It has been found to affect both men and women equally in the number of people affected.
HSPs have a highly permeable nervous system that enables them to deeply process information, sensory information and stimuli that most people miss.


However, life as an Empath or HSP can present some difficult challenges that other people just don’t have to worry about.
In addition to the above, these can also include:
  • Easily absorbing, taking on and being affected by other peoples moods and emotional states
  • Feeling stress and painful emotion very deeply and becoming easily emotionally reactive during conflicts and disagreements
  • Struggling with overthinking everything, taking feedback and criticism personally and endlessly rehashing conversations
  • Getting socially anxious, being self-conscious in a group and people pleasing everyone to keep everyone happy
  • Having strong intuition, attention to detail and the ability to read people but not knowing how to properly use and apply it

My story as a Highly Sensitive Person 

As a HSP I have walked the path of a sensitive all my life and faced all the above challenges along the way and many more.

10 years ago i hit rock bottom. I had a nervous breakdown whilst in my final year of university and felt horrible.
I was emotionally overwhelmed, struggling with social and performance anxiety and rapid cycling moods.
I sought out help from my GP and the medical system and was given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder – type two (the less severe kind). I was put on heavy medication and told that being on meds was the only way to manage my situation for the rest of my life.
My sensitive nature and traits of High Sensitivity were overlooked. Instead I was treated for Bipolar and not offered other kinds of non-pharmaceutical wellbeing supports or treatment options that could have better helped me.
This sparked my own journey into finding alternatives and natural ways to help my situation. I began learning Qigong, Mindfulness and Meditation techniques – all of which had a profound affect on me.
I also began seeking 1-1 support from coaches and therapists to help find clarity on what the underlying limiting mindset beliefs were that kept me unhappy and to move forwards on my path.
After 5 years of committed daily practice of these modalities, i was able to overcome medication and have been off meds ever since.
I gained greater understanding of how my sensitivity impacted me, and felt equipped with skills, wisdom and knowledge to manage it. I have lived with so much more self- confidence and empowerment in my life ever since.
My experiences inspired me to undertake extensive teacher trainings and practitioner trainings to equip me with the skills and abilities to help others struggling with similar challenges as highly sensitive people and empaths.



Today I work as a coach to highly sensitive people and am a fully certified Medical Qigong instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Mindfulness and Shamanic Energy Healing Practitioner.


I work with HSPs and Empaths both 1-1 in my private practice and in group trainings to help them overcome the challenges of being sensitive, awaken their gifts of sensitivity, to step into living a life of purpose, feeling ownership and confidence in their sensitive nature.



My approach to coaching and practice covers 7 core modules:

1. Understanding your sensitivity
Find clarity on what your sensitivity looks like and how it affects you physically, emotionally and spiritually
2. Empowering your emotions
Learn simple and effective ways to de-stress, become less overreactive and to better regulate your emotions
3. Claiming your boundaries
Discover how to stop people pleasing, to express a strong ‘no’ when needed, and speak up for yourself in a calm way
4. Managing your energetic hygiene
Learn new tools to boost your energy, practices to keep your energy field clean, and skills for energetic protection
5. Awakening your intuitive gifts
Empower your innate sensitive gifts, learn simple meditations to train your intuition and then apply it to your everyday life
6. Upskilling your communication
Find confidence to ask for what you need, to handle conflict & difficult social situations and to make requests to others
7. Overcoming self sabotage
Get unstuck from living the life you want, move past limitations of being sensitive and let go of what is not serving you


My friend, are you ready to make a change and become the more confident, less-stressed and emotionally empowered HSP and empath that you have wanted to be?