For many people suffering from stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it is a painful daily reality that is just not talked about, and instead, quietly swept under the carpet. 

With huge stigma surrounding talking about mental health still at large in many workplaces, homes and even families; finding a way to release the weight of stress on both your mind and body can be a challenge. 

Many of my students have expressed ‘not wanting to be a burden’ on other people, not wanting to ‘put a downer’ on conversations and feeling unsure where to turn to change their situation. 

As someone who has experienced regular stress and anxiety myself in the past, i used to know these feelings all too well. 

But what i learnt over the years is that you, and only you, can be the one to take action to change this pattern and create a new reality for yourself. 

Instead on focusing all of your attention on the problem, you have to shift your mindset to finding a solution.

Developing a ‘can do’ attitude, a strong routine and educating yourself on practical ways to start feeling better are all steps you can take to begin this journey.

Being prepared to put the effort in and to do the work necessary to create change is also key. This can empower you to take charge of your situation and start making informed choices about your health and healing pathways available to you.

Too often in western culture, we look for quick fixes and end up making unhealthy choices to cope with mental health challenges. 

Comfort eating, smoking, drinking, drugs and more. But none of these are helping in healing the root causes of what is causing you to be stressed and unhappy. 

We also live in a somewhat ‘pill ready’ culture when it comes to prescribing and buying medications for mental health conditions. When you don’t see improvements, the dose is often just increased or the medication changed. 

Whilst it should be noted that medication has its place and can work for some people, there are so many natural alternatives available to supplement & support your mental health recovery. Medication alone will not change your beliefs and self talk whereas there are natural healing modalities that can transform your mindset and have a lasting impact on your life.

To achieve real transformation requires learning powerful tools, knowledge and practices to start taking care of your mental health. Education really is the vital ingredient to create lasting change in your life.

Learning Medical Qigong is one such practice. With its roots in ancient Chinese medicine, White Tiger Medical Qigong provides a system of knowledge, wisdom and healing movements that can be learnt by anyone and that can help you start feeling better immediately. 

The combination of breathing, mindfulness and dynamic movements in Qigong help to deeply relax your mind and body, calm your nervous system and restore the body to homeostasis. 

The Classical Chinese Medicine science that is deeply embodied within the White Tiger Qigong system provides an alternative perspective and holistic approach to how we view health, healing and reaching our true human potential. 

Qigong is a powerful way for you to nurture your mental health, develop emotional resilience and a practice you can do anytime and anywhere to become calmer, more focused and to feel better. 

Final thoughts 

I strongly believe that we are entering a new era with more and more people actively seeking alternative pathways to their mental heath, wellbeing and healing.

Instead of the traditional ways of seeking help only from the mainstream medical services, i see more and more people seeking for eastern and holistic medicine to heal their pain. For some, like myself, it is our primary port of call when we sense dis-ease or disharmony in the body and mind. For others, it can take the form of a supplement to support their health and recovery.

Individual freedom of choice in making their health decisions is key. Finding holistic practitioners whose approach you connect with and who are credible is key. Keeping an open mind to how you view your health and the options available to you is key.

The human body is an incredible organism with the remarkable ability to heal itself. Sometimes it is just the limitations of our thinking, knowledge and mindset that gets in the way of allowing this to actualise.