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Adam Wiltshire
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RedoHealth Balmain
73 Mullens Street, Balmain, NSW, 2041


09 May 2020


11:00 am - 7:00 pm



Reiki Training for Empaths and Sensitive People

Do you long to find a simple way to feel less drained by other people’s energy, to find fast relief from feeling rattled & stressed out and to take refuge in a solution that helps you to feel better in the moments when you need it most?


Join Adam J Wiltshire and his Australian School of Energetics for a specialist Reiki Training designed specifically to help Empaths and Sensitive People to feel less overwhelmed by daily life and to find more ownership in their lives through learning Reiki Practice.


Come and learn this cutting edge system of knowledge, wisdom and ancient healing technique to help you:

  • Refresh your energy levels when they feel exhausted, unlock creativity and to feel better immediately
  • Strengthen your energy field, increase your resilience to stress and cultivate better energetic boundaries 
  • Feel more grounded in your body, calm racing thoughts and find more clarity of mind


During this 1 day introductory masterclass for beginners, you will learn:

  • The original and Japanese style of Reiki practice – similar to a meditation but without complex breathing techniques
  • Practical philosophy in how reiki works as a stress reduction technique and when to use it 
  • A comprehensive history of the practice, its origins, practical wisdom and how to apply it in daily life 
  • An understanding of how Reiki relates to your energetic anatomy and how it improves your energetic hygiene 

This course is perfectly suited to:

– Empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSP) looking for skills and tools to stop feeling tired and drained of energy all the time and to raise their vibration
– Coaches, Practitioners, Healers and Entrepreneurs who are committed to their own awakening and to expanding their toolkit of wellbeing practices to help them better serve their clients 
– Men and women who have been on a personal and spiritual growth path for quite some time and who want to learn how to leverage Reiki to reach deeper into their true potential
– Complete beginners with no prior experience, individuals who have trained before (sometimes many years ago) and who want to tune up their skills and people who have trained in a non-traditional system of reiki and who want to learn authentic Usui Reiki.



Early Bird: $347 (Valid until 9th April)
Standard Rate: $397
Bring a friend: $327 each*
2 tickets must be booked together at time of purchase


“Adam is professional, responsible, and honest. It is rare to meet someone with immense gifts who also has the discipline to use those gifts with integrity – Adam is one of those people. I had one reiki session with Adam and was so impressed with his work that I signed up for his Level 1 Introduction to Reiki course, which I completed today. The day long course was well-structured and clear. I chose to do the course primarily because of his focus on reiki self-practice – healing and caring for yourself. I work in fields where I give a lot of myself, and learning how to be a conduit for energy, so I could give from a source beyond myself and not feel exhausted, is something I was really craving. I feel that reiki will be an important key for me in self-care, and balancing my emotions, and I trust in Adam as an excellent guide” Kate Nicholson


“I recently attended the Level 1 Reiki with Adam. The day started with the background history and lineages of Reiki – where it came from and then dived into some of the important basics of energy. This was followed by three attunements for the physical body, mind and soul to raise my vibrations up. These sessions were intermingled with self-practice Reiki sessions, where we practised the hands-on self-application of the technique and a practice session of giving me reiki healing to the teacher. It was a great day, and I felt supported all the way through the day. Adam was great at answering any questions I had, and supportively held space during attunements and practice sessions. Since the training, I have found reiki to be easier practice than meditation providing more grounding before a busy workday.” Oliver Bannatyne


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