The Leela Centre
Level 2, 113-115 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney


14 Dec 2018


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm



Reiki Extravaganza

Our Reiki Extravaganza events are an invitation to all Reiki healers, practitioners, teachers and sensitive people to come together at our monthly gathering hosted by the Australian School of Energetics.

It is an opportunity for past and present ASE students to reconnect in community and is open to the general public to come and enjoy Reiki healing experiences for the first time.

What is Reiki?

For those who are new to Reiki, it really is something to experience for yourself to feel the benefits. It is a Japanese natural healing therapy that was developed in the 1850’s that involves the laying on of hands to balance the body and stimulate its self healing abilities.

Today Reiki is an internationally recognised energetic healing technique can be used for self healing, practiced professionally by qualified reiki therapists and is taught by authorised Reiki Masters. It can be learnt by anyone and is accessible to everyone.


Why come to a Reiki Extravaganza?

For many reiki healers, practitioners, teachers and spiritual people; the path can often be a solitary one. Seeing day to day clients, holding space for students and preparing for classes. Too often there just isn’t time for the self care you would like to have and a supportive community to connect with.

In reality, healers need healing too! Whether it is from being drained, giving too much, or their own unfolding personal healing work to be done. The path to being whole within yourself is a continuum and its important to allow yourself time to receive, clear stagnant energy and to align yourself. After all, we need to be in our best form to better serve our clients.

Our Reiki extravaganzas are designed to bring reiki & energy healers together, educate the general public on the benefits of energetic healing and to facilitate the space for Reiki practitioners to develop their skills and gain more confidence.It is also a place for people who are curious about Reiki to ask questions, experience it for themselves and find out more .

Whether you have been practicing for a while, have some experience, are wanting to get back into Reiki or are completely new and just dipping your toes in – all are welcome.


What to expect in the evening:

Short introductory talk on Reiki
Meet, connect and network with likeminded healers and practitioners
Unwind during a guided chakra balancing meditation
Reiki Share: Give, recieve and practice Reiki/energetic healing in a safe environment
Delicious snacks and drinks – bring a plate to contribute to the food table
Social time for meaningful conversations with awesome people

What to bring:

Your healing journal/notebook & pen
Vegetarian food/non-alcoholic drink contribution
An open mind and the best version of yourself


Early Bird

ASE Student Rate – $15 (Valid for past/current students of ASE Reiki & Qigong Courses)

Reiki Rate – $20 (Valid for those who have completed certified Reiki training elsewhere)

General Admission – $25 (Valid for first timers and energy healers of other modalities)

Late Bird/On The Door

$35 flat rate for on the day/on the door bookings



BBA Hons. Business Administration, Reiki Master Teacher Degree, Tai Chi & QiGong Instructor

Adam Wiltshire is the Founder of the Australian School of Energetics. He has trained and studied extensively with Grand Masters from Argentina and Manchuria. He is passionate about popularising eastern forms of medicine, health and wellbeing to the West. Adam’s work creates a fusion of movement, fitness, meditation and natural healing to create powerful shifts in individual awareness and heal pain in a natural way. He runs a reiki treatment clinic based in Glebe alongside Qigong, Reiki and Meditation courses across the inner west.

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