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07 May 2019


9:00 am - 10:00 am



Qigong Basics Sydney – 8 week morning intro course

Qigong practice is a simple way for people to learn movement meditation. It’s like a gentle style of Chinese yoga that gives you a full body workout that leaves you walking away feeling deeply relaxed, clear minded and peaceful.

This morning Qigong class, hosted at RedoHealth, is the perfect way to learn the basics of Qigong practice and the philosophy behind the movements. Spend the morning with certified Qigong Instructor Adam Wiltshire as your guide to finding inner balance.

“Adams 8 week training in Qigong was incredible complement to my Yoga practice. I learnt so much about the quality of movement which carried me deeper into the practise. Adams expertise is not to be missed! A master of his energetic craft.” Remus, Past Student

The 8 week term of classes includes:
– The beginning philosophy behind Qigong
– Exploring the many benefits of Qigong practice
– Guided demonstrations of the movements
– Take home practice notes with instructions
– 8 hours class time with Qigong Teacher Adam Wiltshire

Practitioners of Qigong have reported the following benefits:
– Reduced stress & irritability and improves mood
– Greater flexibility and aerobic capacity
– Increases overall vitality. It lights you up from the inside out
– Reduced racing thoughts and a clearer state of mind
– Increases confidence with your body and body positive image
– Develops laser sharp concentration and focus
– Lower blood pressure and improved heart health

This morning Qigong class is a great starting point in your Qigong journey and is suitable for beginners, those wanting to get back into it and those looking to refine their skills. Adam will meet you where you are and guide you towards growing in the practice.

Bookings are required for this course. Book your place via the RedoHealth website:

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