Adam J Wiltshire


Adam J Wiltshire


Collective Healing Centre
199-201 King St, Newtown NSW, Australia


21 Nov 2020


10:15 am - 11:45 pm

Qigong Activation – Newtown

Qigong Acivation with Adam Wiltshire
Empower your breath, body and spirit along the journey to optimum health and wellbeing
Choosing to learn and experience this Qigong offers you a unique opportunity to take a break from the busyness of city living and learn powerful healing movement meditations to help quieten a busy mind.
It is also a helpful support in relieving worry and stress from the hassles of daily life and to make more space for calm, clarity and joy throughout your body.
This Qigong Activation offers you a fully comprehensive, authentic and interactive experience of Medical Qigong learning from certified and experienced instructor Adam Wiltshire as your guide.
This Medical Qigong sits alongside Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Medical Massage that make up the 4 branches of Classical Chinese Medicine.
The forms you will learn in this Activation are 8 Trigram Organ Qigong from the White Tiger Qigong system, originating from an ancient Chinese lineage dating back to over 2000 years ago.
This means you can be confident that what you learn with us here is tried & tested and has been helping people reach their maximum human potential throughout the ages.
This workshop is for complete beginners and provides clear and simple instruction to help you start feeling better and noticing results immediately.
After participating in a Qigong Activation, you can expect to walk away feeling noticeably relaxed, more energised and feeling bright and ready for the day ahead. Over time, when practiced regularly, this can evolve into a deep transformation.
This morning class for beginners is an invitation to connect to such deeper states of consciousness through the system of White Tiger Qigong and the potent combination of knowledge, wisdom and ancient practices that offer you the supports needed to start feeling calmer immediately.
During our 90 minute class we will focus on learning forms from the 8 Trigram Organ Qigong series which includes a combination of breathing techniques, Qigong movement meditations and the ancient 6 healing sounds.
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What students are saying:
“I have been attending Adam’s Qi Gong classes for 4 months now, and in this time I have experienced deep healing. I feel my life force strengthening. I am increasingly grounded and peaceful in my daily life. Time has slowed, and space has stretched open. I feel clear, present and energised.Adam’s teaching style is empowering and informative. His classes have been life changing; I am forever grateful for the gift of Qi Gong. I recommend his classes to my friends and family.” Sophie Wild, September 2020
“After a major shift in my life, I knew i needed to re-evaluate my life and focus on my self care. I tried a few classes but it wasn’t until i found Adam that something clicked. From the first class i felt a change that has evolved into a deep transformation. I look forward to my class every week and i am grateful for this journey.”
Camilla De-Gregorio, 2019

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