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Adam J Wiltshire


RedoHealth Balmain
73 Mullens Street, Balmain, NSW, 2041

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14 Oct 2020


7:15 am - 8:15 pm



Learn Qigong: healing through movement

Qigong Movement Meditation Classes with Adam Wiltshire
Empower your breath, body and spirit along the journey to optimum health and wellbeing
Choosing to learn and study Qigong with us offers you a unique opportunity to take a break from the busyness of city living and learn powerful healing movement meditations to help quieten a busy mind.
It is also a helpful support in relieving worry and stress from the hassles of daily life and to make more space for calm, clarity and joy throughout your body.
Our small boutique classes offer you a fully comprehensive, authentic and interactive experience of Qigong learning from certified and experienced instructor Adam Wiltshire as your guide.
This Medical Qigong sits alongside Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Medical Massage that make up the 4 branches of Classical Chinese Medicine.
The forms you learn in these classes is 5 Element Qigong from the White Tiger Qigong system, originating from an ancient Chinese lineage dating back to over 2000 years ago.
This means you can be confident that what you learn with us here is tried & tested and has been helping people reach their maximum human potential throughout the ages.
Our classes are designed for complete beginners and provide clear and simple instruction to help you start feeling better and noticing results immediately.
What makes this Qigong unique is the evidential approach in combining Classical Chinese Medicine principles, modern sports science and ancient Daoist wisdom – providing everything you need to fully understand Qigong and to feel confident in taking your practice to the next level.
After participating in a Qigong class, you can expect to walk away feeling noticeably relaxed, more energised and feeling bright and ready for the day ahead. Over time, when practiced regularly, this can evolve into a deep transformation.
The next step is to enrol in our next term of classes and find out what this ancient system of knowledge, wisdom and healing practices can offer you.
The cost for a 10 week term is $260. The venue is RedoHealth, Balmain, 73 Mullens Street.
Dates: Wednesday Evenings, 14th October until 16th December.
To book your place, click the link below to register through our secure booking system
Reserve your place now – this is a boutique class that is limited to 5 participants and will book up fast!
What past participants have said about our Qigong classes:
“After a major shift in my life, I knew i needed to re-evaluate my life and focus on my self care. I tried a few classes but it wasn’t until i found Adam that something clicked. From the first class i felt a change that has evolved into a deep transformation. I look forward to my class every week and i am grateful for this journey.”
~ Camile ~
“I want to thank you very much for your wonderful, refreshingly professional and caring Qigong teaching over the last couple of weeks. You’re very clear leading and explanation of the moves and breathing was very much appreciated and enabled me to learn a great deal in just this short time. Your calm and ego-less approach also left me feeling amazingly relaxed.”
~ Helen ~
“I have been attending Adam’s Qigong classes for a few months and after sessions I always feel deeply at peace and more connected to my body. He is a dedicated teacher who has spent many years studying and practicing Qigong and his deep respect and knowledge of this tradition makes him an excellent teacher.”

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