We all have an inner critic. That voice in the head that tells us ‘you should have should have known better in that meeting’, ‘you could have been more productive and got more done today’, and ‘that was a bad choice of words in that conversation, you should of said this instead” 

My question today is, are you a slave to the endless chatter of your inner critic or are you taking steps to tame it? 

If you find yourself getting caught up in your head at work with self critical thoughts about your performance then its likely that your inner critic is off the leash and needs to be put in line. 

Your stress busting tip for today is to notice each time your inner critic voice starts getting loud. When you do, take a deep breath into your belly and sigh it out. This will bring you back to the present moment, offer yourself some positive words of reassurance and  take a fresh look at the situation. 

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