For many Reiki practitioners, both professionals and those using it for self practice, regular treatments increase your sensitivity to energy, frequency and vibration. 

When you choose to develop an intentional and consistent reiki routine, It is common for your level of self awareness to begin expanding through your practice and for your level of consciousness to rise. Becoming more aware of your thoughts, limiting beliefs, bodily sensations and emotional triggers can all be brought into the light. 

In time, this exploration can naturally lead you to discover your innate intuitive faculties through realisation of heightened sensory awareness, deepened connection to your physical body and greater stillness and clarity of mind. 

I share this with you as this is what happened to me. When i first entered the Reiki world, i had been training in the energetic arts for the past 5 years and worked part time as a Qigong teacher and psychic development facilitator. Both are practices i still teach. However, before Reiki, my experience of energy had been focused on internal Qi energy and not what i see as the more cosmic nature of Reiki energy. 

As i began to practice daily self Reiki, my sensitivity increased to a level i had never experienced before. After just a few months, I started to feel Reiki constantly flowing through me, coming out of both my palms and my feet. I began to feel pulsing sensations in my chakra points, tingling in my fingertips and light pressure in my lower forehead. 

Whilst i was born naturally clairvoyant, i began developing new abilities in hearing high frequency sounds, receiving information downloads from beyond my rational mind and intuitively feeling areas of physical and emotional imbalance in other people. This was new territory for me and opened my eyes to the possibilities of human intuitive potential. My experiences inspired me to train to become a practitioner and later a Teacher to offer Reiki professionally to help others. 

Its important to note that there is no set script or timelines for how this will look for you. 

The speed of intuitive development, the clarity of information received, the level of sensitivity and the sensory channels you are able to tune in to will vary widely. Your energetic sensations, visions and impressions may also be different. It is not something that you can force, rationally control or master straight away. 

Just like the path of self healing, intuitive development is a process. It is a journey and not a destination. 

Central to this journey is the relationship between intuition and the ego. In many ways i see intuition as the feminine and the ego as the masculine and that together they are locked in a symbiotic dance within the human mind. 

The ego sees intuition and becoming psychic as being spiritually desirable in strengthening its identity status. It yearns to gain the psychic powers, to use it to its advantage and to have control over it. Intuition on the other hand is more passive in nature. It speaks with truth, flows through stillness, and cuts straight to the point; often with precision clarity. 

My final insight relating to ego and intuition is that the majority of my intuitive abilities came when i let go of my desire to have them!

Where your attention goes, energy flows. 

If you are spending a lot of time thinking and fantasising about how to become more psychic, your energy will become invested in these thoughts. You may start thinking you are more psychic than you really are, misunderstanding what intuition is and getting caught up in delusional beliefs about your psychic maturity. 

If you align your energy in your heart and how you can be of better service in healing yourself and the planet; this is where true transformation takes place.