My name is Adam Wiltshire.

Welcome to my website. All my life i have lived as a highly sensitive person and an empath and have experienced both the gifts and the challenges that it presents in daily life. 

For many sensitive people, it can all just get too much with feeling drained all the time, being rattled by the overwhelms of city life and feeling isolated and like you never ‘fit in’.

However, i am here to remind you that it can be different and that you can step into a radically different way of living – just like i did. 

Having walked the path myself and having overcome heavy medication along the way, i am now on the other side and the grass has never looked so fresh and vibrant. 

When you work with me, i coach and teach you personally, equipping you with the exact skills, practices and techniques i used and still practice to this day. 

If you are ready for a change, even if you don’t know what that looks like yet, you can apply to work with me and move forward on the sensitive’s journey from overwhelm to ownership. 

About the Australian School of Energetics 

Founded by Adam J Wiltshire, the Australian School of Energetics is a school like no other.
We exist to serve empaths and sensitive individuals who are wanting :
  • To learn immediate ways to feel better and find relief from overwhelm and the stresses of daily life 
  • To feel less drained by the energy of other people and to become more empowered in managing your own energetic wellbeing
  • To learn how to express your true ’no’, maintain healthy boundaries and ask for what you want with ease
  • To awaken, train and apply your unique intuitive gifts in daily life 
  • To feel more self-confident and to start creating your life by your own design – making your lifelong dreams a reality.
Whether you consider yourself to be an empath, intuitive, highly sensitive person (HSP) or a lightworker; you will find powerful tools, guidance, training and all you need to help you move forward on your path to feeling less overwhelm and more ownership.
We offer specialist training in a range of cutting edge modalities including Usui Reiki, White Tiger Qigong and Shamanic Energy Healing to equip you with powerful practices to gain more self-control and confidence.

In addition to this, we offer 1-1 coaching programs, group workshops and courses designed specifically for empaths and sensitive people in a safe and supportive environment.


Our workshops and trainings are suitable for beginners, those with some experience and for those who have been on their path a while.


Our approach to training and coaching is to meet you where you are and to offer the guidance, skills and knowledge to help you make the next step forward, however that may look for you.


All out trainings are LGBT+ friendly and are available to people of all genders, races and backgrounds.

Join our online FB community group, Sensitive and Owning it to connect with likeminded sensitive people, expand your knowledge and to follow our work.



Adam’s Story

Adam J Wiltshire is an Empath Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Medical Qigong Instructor, Clairvoyant and Stress Reduction Specialist.                         

Adam’s journey started in his home country of England when he was just 15. He began discovering his intuitive and psychic gifts at an early age and has been studying holistic medicine and the healing arts ever since.


Growing up a highly sensitive child, Adam felt like he never ‘fit in’ with his peers, had his sensitivity shamed as being ’too sensitive’ and was bullied for most of his childhood.

When first seeking help to cope with his situation, Adam was given a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder (type 2 – the less severe kind) and was put on heavy medication that he was told to take for the rest of his life.

His journey has since seen him undertake psychotherapy, extensive personal development and rigorous teacher & practitioner training and he has now been living without medication for 4 years and regulating his sensitive nature independently with the modalities, tools and programs he now teaches.

His vision is for a world where sensitive and empathic people can live a life of purpose, passion and ownership. A world where the suffering for so many sensitive people is reduced, where they can feel more freedom in their lives and thrive in their unique essence.

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