Whether you are ‘spiritual’ or not, we can all experience symptoms of a deficient subtle energy system.

A common misconception is that you have to be a yogi, meditator, alchemist, psychic or a medium to be affected by the shifts of the energy body. In reality, we all have a transient bio electromagnetic field that has a unique intelligence and operating system that we can learn to understand, balance and nurture.

A deficient chakra is simply an unbalanced energy centre. It is comparable to a malfunctioning part of your car engine that needs regular servicing and specialist care in order to function optimally. The chakras are intimately connected to your physical, emotional and spiritual body and signs of imbalance can arise from all 3 levels. They are junctions within your energetic make up that hold important information, qualities and knowledge that you can learn to access and use.

Common symptoms of a blocked chakra may include:

  1. Prolonged physical tension or pain in the chakra location  
  2. Irrational, limiting or controlling fear
  3. Turbulent, unpredictable or rapid cycling emotions
  4. Polarised and fixed thought patterns
  5. Lack of willpower, creativity & vitality
  6. Inability to connect with other people, your physical body or with life
  7. Frequent self doubt, criticism and judgement
  8. Lack of discernment in making decisions and realistic judgement

The nature of the chakras is dynamic and impermenant. Their health can fluctuate between being balanced, deficient and overactive and can change over time. It is through learning self healing that we can begin to monitor their wellbeing and nurture their growth.

If you are reading this and feel you could have a blocked chakra, don’t worry.

Here are 3 practical steps you can take to heal your chakras:

  1. Consult a qualified natural healing or reiki practitioner for a professional chakra balancing treatment
  2. Attend a natural healing or reiki meditation class and learn to harmonise the energy centres for yourself
  3. Learn self healing practice and enrol on an introductory reiki 1 course

Whilst there are many natural healing therapies available, your energetic wellbeing is important and should be learnt from a qualified professional. It is important to feel safe and comfortable with your healing practitioner and to not feel pressured.

Reiki is a fully accredited natural healing modality and your healer should be registered with IARP (International Association for Reiki Professionals) or other acreddited organisation. It’s ok to ask if you are unsure.

If you are interested in exploring Reiki in more detail, browse the ASE courses and classes here: