The secrets of the third eye have been largely hidden from view in our society, that is, unless you look for them. It is not something taught within the mainstream education system nor its it featured on ‘reality TV’ shows. It is not on the news or in everyday polite conversation. Yet, it is one of our most important birthrights in our modern society that has the potential to transform our entire experience of reality.

Nearly every single ancient culture and civilisation on the planet knew about it. From the Taoist chinese masters in the East, to the Peruvian Shamans in the Americas, Vedic Brahaman’s in India, the ancient egyptians, the mayans, the list goes on. What’s missing is the transparency of this ancient history in the West.

Anyway, What exactly is the third eye?

Well, before you ask, its not a hidden race of humans with 3 eyes living beneath the earth.

Whilst different spiritual traditions have their various translations, it is simply described as “A higher expression of human consciousness”. It is one of the 7 main chakras within the human aura. For the scientifically minded, chakras can be described as fields of bio plasma within human electromagnetic field. The third eye contains different forms of valuable information, insight and awareness that we can learn to access through spiritual practices.

So, I’ve been meditating for a while now, how do i know if my third eye is open yet?

Here are my top 3 signs your third eye is opening:

1. You have had spontaneous extra-sensory experiences

These are organic unexplained phenomena that manifest within our consciousness that are not induced by drugs, plants or hallucinogens. In the beginning, this experience often comes through the 5 main senses in an unplanned and unusual way.

Whether it is hearing high pitched ringing sounds in short bursts, perceiving coloured lights around people, sensing scents that are out of place with your current surroundings (e.g. perfume of a deceased relative), feeling impressions of energy or a light pressure sensation in your palms, or receiving information and spiritual messages from beyond your own sphere of knowledge/intelligence. These are all forms of extrasensory perception.

2. You have experienced a big shift in personal discernment

Aside from the paranormal and extrasensory perception, one of the lesser known signs of third eye activation is an increased level of realistic judgement in your life. Your ability to see through deception and misinformation has increased. Your capacity to make sound decisions in life has improved. You have become less susceptible to seduction, manipulation and mass marketing. You follow your intuition more and trust your feelings.

3. Your level of emotional intelligence has matured significantly

You are able to read how other people are really feeling more than you could before. You can just tell what emotions someone is truly having even if they say the opposite. You have a stronger awareness of your choice of language and the value of your speech when talking with others others and no longer make make impulsive or demeaning comments. You have developed a higher level of empathy for humanity and for the planet as a whole and take conscious living more seriously.

Each of these signs arises at different times, ages and points in your life. This experience will be different for everyone. It is not black and white. Some signs may not come at all. Not everyone will become a psychic or a medium, but we can all enhance our level of intuition for greater benefit in our lives. If you have not begun to develop these traits yet, don’t worry. When you feel ready to invest the necessary time, practice and energy to your spiritual development, intuition will come quite naturally.

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