One of the most sacred and wonderful practices within the Usui Reiki Tradition is a Reiki Share. Since Reiki first began in the late 1800’s, it has been a valuable opportunity for practitioners to come together and share their love of Reiki. But for those who are new to Reiki and coming for the first time, what exactly goes on at the these gatherings?  

For many, Reiki practice is a daily form of self care that is a solitary form of energy work. It may be your way to wake up happy in the morning, to clear stagnant energy, or to ground yourself for the day ahead. Reiki shares create the opportunity to practice Reiki in a likeminded community and group setting. 

The evening normally begins with a group meditation to anchor everyone’s energy, followed by an introduction to the Reiki Share and then the share itself. This can either be done 1-1 with one person giving Reiki and the other receiving reiki or alternatively by using a massage table with a group of 4-6 people practicing on one person at a time. The share is then concluded with a sharing circle to express any personal experiences and to ask any questions arising from their Reiki practice.  

Here are my top three reasons for you to attend a Reiki Share: 

  1. Community 

Reiki shares provide the opportunity to both give and recieve. Too often, it is one or the other and you don’t feel completely fulfilled.  At a Reiki share you experience a fair exchange in giving and receiving – making sure that no-one goes home feeling drained. 

By practicing Reiki in a group it makes the experience of Reiki expand beyond yourself and it becomes part of something much bigger. That is, contributing to benefitting all who are present. When practiced in this way, the collective group energy becomes magnified in aligning our intention for the greatest healing benefit for the group and this can be felt in a very real way. 

Reiki shares also are a great place to make likeminded friends in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. To meet, greet and eat with people who are on a similar path and healing journey to you. It is also a useful networking opportunity to talk with other therapists and expand your professional network. Most importantly, it is a fun way to connect and socialise by doing healing work together and then having time to catch up and eat nourishing food afterwards. 

  1. Time to receive

For those who have been around in Reiki a little longer, you may have chosen to become a Reiki therapist, to teach Reiki or to do exchanges with other reiki practitioners. The key word here is exchange. The more that you are giving Reiki or healing to others, the more healing work you need to be doing on yourself. My personal mantra with this one is that for every week i teach or facilitate therapy (lately this is every week) i do 10 hours of self practice. That way i can be grounded, aligned and vibrant for each student. 

If you are working with energy on a daily basis than the amount of Reiki current flowing through you will be much higher and you need to give yourself more time to align, balance and anchor all that energy movement. Reiki shares are a useful opportunity for doing just that. Nothing beats having other practitioners giving reiki to you to allow you to ease into the flow. 

Even for those who are not Reiki therapists, practitioners or teachers, there is something really joyful about allowing a group of Reiki practitioners to help you create more inner peace, cultivate energetic alignment and to have more balance in your life. 

  1. Your ongoing Reiki development 

Traditionally reiki is taught over a 1-2 day course for both Reiki levels 1 & 2. Whilst you receive all the required training, skills and information, there is one valuable thing you can never have enough of – PRACTICING. 

Coming to a reiki share gives you the opportunity to refine and practice what you have learnt. It is also an opportunity to practice on a variety of different people who will have different physical, spiritual and emotional concerns. If you have completed Level 1 training and are accumulating your practice hours to do Level 2 – this is a great way to get hands on experience. 

For many people who do Reiki training, for many reasons, they don’t keep up with their self practice. Whether thats due to moving on to different healing modalities, falling out of habit or simply being too busy. Coming to a reiki share is the perfect opportunity to get back into Reiki and to kickstart your daily self practice. You may have left Reiki but Reiki never left you!